D-3.2.2 Non-precious Metal Catalysts 2

Thursday, October 31, 2013: 14:00-18:00
Continental 3, Tower 3, Ballroom Level (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Shigenori Mitsushima, Dr. and Viola Birss, PhD
Ab-Initio Computational Studies of Doped Graphene Catalysts in Fuel Cell Application
Byungchan Han, Ph.D, DGIST; Inhye Kwon, M.S., LG Chem; Min-Ho Seo, Ph.D, DGIST
New Approach to High-Efficiency Non-PGM Catalysts Using Rationally Designed Porous Organic Polymers
Shengwen Yuan, Ph D, Argonne National Lab; Gabriel Goenaga, Ph. D., University of Tennessee; Lauren Grabstanowicz, Argonne National Lab; Jianglan Shui, Ph. D, Argonne National Lab; Chen Chen, Argonne National Lab; Sean Commet, Argonne National Lab; B. Reprogle, Argonne National Laboratory; Di-Jia Liu, Ph. D, Argonne National Lab
Hydrogen Peroxide, Non-Precious Metal Catalysts and Radical Species
Frederic Jaouen, PhD, ICGM UMR 5253; Vincent Goellner, ICGM UMR 5253; Marta Zaton, ICGM UMR 5253; Jacques Roziere Sr., PhD, ICGM UMR 5253
Porous Ring Disk Electrode Model for Oxygen Reduction By Non-Precious Electrocatalysts
Scott Calabrese Barton, Michigan State University; Nathaniel Leonard, Michigan State University
Rotating Ring-Disk Study of Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon Catalyst Prepared by High Pressure Pyrolysis
Nathaniel Leonard, Michigan State University; Selvarani Ganesan, PhD, Michigan State University; Scott Calabrese Barton, Michigan State University
A Solid State NMR Study of Polyaniline-Fe Non-Precious Metal Cathode Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction in Fuel Cells
Shigeki Kuroki, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials
Constraints for the Interpretation of XPS Spectra of Non-PGM TM-Nx (TM=Fe, Co; x=1,4) ORR Electrocatalysts From First-Principles Simulations
Sadia Kabir, M.S., University of New Mexico; Kateryna Artyushkova, Ph.D., University of New Mexico; Plamen Atanassov, University of New Mexico; Boris Kiefer, PhD, New Mexico State University
Probing Oxygen Reduction Mechanism of Copper/Triazoles Complexes Based Electrocatalysts By EPR Spectroscopy
Congling Zhang, university of tennessee; Jamie S. Lawton, Ph.D., university of tennessee; Thomas A. Zawodzinski, University of Tennessee
Influence of Transition Metal on Oxygen Reduction Activity of Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon Electrocatalyst
Selvarani Ganesan, PhD, Michigan State University; Nathaniel Leonard, Michigan State University; Scott Calabrese Barton, Michigan State University
Phenylenediamine as a Promising Ligand for Non-Noble Metal ORR Catalysts
Samar Gharaibeh, PhD Student, University of Calgary; Viola Birss, PhD, University of Calgary
In Situ Spectroscopic Observation of the Fe-N Switching Behaviors of Fe-N4 and Fe-N2+2 Sites During Oxygen Reduction
Qingying Jia, Ph.D, Northeastern University; Urszula Tylus, PhD Candidate, Northeastern University; Kara Strickland, Northeastern University; Naggapan Ramaswamy, Ph.D, Nissan Technical Center North America; Sanjeev Mukerjee, PhD, Northeastern University