Microfluidic MEMS/NEMS, Sensors and Devices - 4

Tuesday, October 29, 2013: 14:00-18:00
Union Square 5/6, Tower 3, 4th Floor (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Sam Kassegne and Anja Boisen, Professor
Distinguished Invited Speaker--Patch Type Glucose Sensor for Low-Invasive Glucose Monitoring
Mikito Yasuzawa, Department of Chemical Science and Technology, The University of Tokushima; Shinya Sato, Department of Chemical Science and Technology, The University of Tokushima; Kazuaki Edagawa, Department of Chemical Science and Technology, The University of Tokushima
Electrochemical Screening of Peptides for Targeting CD13
Sanela Martic, Ph.D., Oakland University; Kamaljit Kaur, Ph.D., University of Alberta; Rania Soudy, Ph.D., University of Alberta
Probing the Three Phase Interface to Understand Electrochemical Screening of Gas Phase Pollutants
Praveen K. Sekhar, Ph.D., Washington State University, Vancouver; Kumar Subramanian, Washington State University Vancouver
A Polyaniline Nanowire Network With Catalytic Nanoparticles for Chemical Sensing
Edward Song, Louisiana State University; Jin-Woo Choi, PhD, Louisiana State University
Tunable Surface Area Electrochemical Biosensors Through Self-Assembly
Byron D. Gates, PhD, Simon Fraser University; Michael T.Y. Paul, Simon Fraser University; Brandy Kinkead, Simon Fraser University
Graphene Based Microsensors for the Assay of Adenine, Guanine and Epinephrine
Jacobus Frederick VAN Staden, INCEMC; Jacobus Frederick VAN Staden, INCEMC; Ramona Georgescu, INCEMC; Raluca Ioana Stefan-VAN Staden, INCEMC
Design and Simulation of Sensors to Detect Methanol
Subramaniam Chittur Krishnaswamy, MSc MPhil PhD, School of Advanced Sciences VIT University India; Muthuraja S, MTech, School of Electronic Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, India.; Velayutham Guruviah, MSc PhD, Anabond Sainergy Fuel Cell India Pvt., Ltd.; Sri Bollepalli, MSc PhD, Sainergy Tech Inc