Microfluidic MEMS/NEMS, Sensors and Devices - 6

Wednesday, October 30, 2013: 14:00-18:00
Union Square 5/6, Tower 3, 4th Floor (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Ajit Khosla, Ph.D and P. J. Hesketh
Distinguished Invited Speaker--Capillary-Based Assay for Cardiac Markers With Cantilever Platform
Naga Siva Gunda, University of Alberta; Sushanta Mitra, University of Alberta
Polymer Nanobridge On a Microfabricated Quartz Tuning Fork
Sangmin Jeon, phd, Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH; Seongjae Lee, Department of Chemical Engineering, Postech; Minhyuk Yun, POSTECH
Electrochemical Synthesis of PolymerNanostructures for Thermal Management
Baratunde Cola, Georgia Institute of Technology
Transient Thermal Response of Micro TCD for Identification of Gases
Alireza Mahdavifar, Georgia Institute of Technology; Milad Navaei, Georgia Institute of Technology; Ricardo Aguilar, Georgia Institute of Technology; Peter J. Hesketh, Georgia Institute of Technology; G. Hunter, NASA Glenn Research Center; Melvin W Findlay, KWJ Engineering, Inc.; Joseph R Stetter, KWJ Engineering, Inc.
Electrochemically Controlled Capillarity of a Liquid Metal Alloy for Shape Reconfigurable Microsystems
Mohammad Rashed Khan, NC State University; Chris Trlica, NC State University; Collin B. Eaker, NC State University; Michael D Dickey, NC State University
Design and Modeling of a Novel Two Dimensional Nano-Scaled Force Sensor Based On Silicon Photonic Crystal
Longqiu Li, Doctor, Harbin Institute of Technology; Tianlong Li, Master, Harbin Institute of Technology; Wenping Song, Doctor, Harbin Institute of Technology; Guangyu Zhang, Doctor, Harbin Institute of Technology; Yao Li, Doctor, Harbin Institute of Technology
Electropolishing of n-Type Polycrystalline 3C-Silicon Carbide
Novella Ballarin, Politecnico di Milano; Carlo Carraro, PhD, University of California ar Berkeley; Roya Maboudian, PhD, University of California: Berkeley; Luca Magagnin, PhD, Politecnico di Milano
Concluding Remarks