Morning Session 1

Monday, October 28, 2013: 08:00-10:00
Union Square 11, Tower 3, 4th Floor (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Improving Magnesium Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids Through Enhanced Solvation
Tylan S Watkins, B.S. Chemistry, Arizona State University; Daniel A Buttry, Ph.D, Arizona State University
Electrochemical Capture of Carbon Dioxide in An Ionic Liquid Using N-Methyl-4,4'-Bipyridinium Cation
Poonam Singh, Ph.D., Arizona State University; Daniel A. Buttry, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Chemical Reactivity of Alkyl Thiolates Used in Electrochemical CO2 Capture in Ionic Liquids
Mohammad Hasani, Arizona State University; Daniel A. Buttry, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Liquid Metal Salts: High Current Density Electrodeposition of Cu-Sn-Zn Metal Stacks From Ionic Liquids for Kesterite Based Thin Film Photovoltaics
Marc Steichen, PhD, University of Luxembourg; Neil R.B. Brooks, PhD, KU Leuven; Monika Arasimowicz, MSc, University of Luxembourg; João C. Malaquias, MSc, University of Luxembourg; Phillip J. Dale, PhD, University of Luxembourg; Luc Van Meervelt, Prof., KU Leuven; Jan Fransaer, Prof., KU Leuven; Koen Binnemans, Prof., KU Leuven
Voltammetry for Quantitative Analysis of Actinides in Molten Salts
Magdalena M. Tylka, IIT; James L. Willit, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory; Mark A. Williamson, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory; J. Prakash, PhD., IIT
Electrochemistry of Ferrocene-Modified Redox Ionic Liquids
Bruno Gélinas, Université de Montréal; John Forgie, Université de Montréal; Dominic Rochefort, Université de Montréal