Corrosivity Measurements of Singapore and the Effect of Tropical Atmosphere on Corrosion of Different Metals

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 17:55
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 15 (Moon Palace Resort)
S. L. Wijesinghe (National University of Singapore) and Z. Tan (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology,)
Atmospheric corrosion is clearly the most noticeable of all corrosion processes. Tremendous amount of economic losses are caused by atmospheric corrosion. Thus it is imperative to know the level of atmosphere’s aggressiveness or in other words “corrosivity”, before anyone designs or plans any corrosion prevention strategy. Corrosivity values were not recorded before in Singapore though those were measured and recorded in other countries.

In the aim of filling this gap, test sites had been established on three locations of Singapore. Thus corrosivity readings were measured and recorded according to ISO 9223:2012 for the first time in Singapore. Both determined and estimated corrosivity values were recorded upon completion of one year exposure of standard metal samples and atmospheric constituents / pollutant measurements respectively. Final objective of this work is to correlate some accelerated cyclic corrosion test parameters with these Singapore atmospheric corrosivity values. Results will be useful for both industrial and research needs in future. A detail discussion together with results will be presented.