Oxidation of Hydrogen Peroxide at Electrodeposited Platinum on Carbon Microelectrodes

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 14:30
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 11 (Moon Palace Resort)
J. Burgess (Case Western Reserve University)
Several genetic diseases are known to exhibit increased or decreased cellular cholesterol.   A noninvasive means of characterizing cholesterol efflux at the human mucosa (oral cavity) may allow resolution of these disease states.   Disk carbon microelectrodes are partially modified with electrodeposited platinum.  Cholesterol oxidase is covalently linked to the platinum crystallites.  The electrode is position in contact with the mucosa and the subject’s index finger is immersed in a beaker containing the reference electrode.  Accumulation of enzymatically produced hydrogen peroxide is achieved by periodic oxidative depletion.  A double potential pulse waveform allows background correction.  Characterization experiments for electrode preparation will be discussed.  Application of the measurement to cystic fibrosis monitoring and treatment is proposed.