Electrolytes and Interphases for Beyond Li-Ion Chemistries

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 08:50
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Star Ballroom 7 (Moon Palace Resort)
K. Xu (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
With the intrinsic limit of energy density being approached in Li ion chemistry, there have been extensive efforts aiming at breaking out this limit set by the storage mechanism where only one Li+ could be accommodated per transition metal element. Among the so-called “beyond Li ion” chemistries, in which inert masses are kept at minimum, the electrode integrity is often sacrificed for high specific capacities, which presents severe challenge to the electrode/electrolyte interphases. Understanding the interactions between these new materials and electrolytes and the concomitant interphases would play significant roles in determining their future successes.

This presentation will overview the electrolyte and interphase in these nascent battery chemistries, while emphasizing the most recent breakthroughs achieved in electrolytes and interphasial chemistry in Li/S system..