Optical Spectroscopy of Ce3+, Eu3+ and Pr3+ in (M2+)9M3+(PO4)7 (M2+=Ca, Sr) (M3+=Al, Ga, In, Sc, Y, Lu, Gd, La)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 10:20
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Star Ballroom 4 & 5 (Moon Palace Resort)
S. J. Camardello (GE, University at Albany), A. Srivastava (GE), and P. Toscano (University at Albany)
Optical properties of Ce3+, Pr3+ and Eu3+ in the compound (M2+)9M3+(PO4)7 (M2+=Ca, Sr) (M3+=Al, Ga, In, Sc, Y, Lu, Gd, La) are reported and discussed. The M3+ ion is octahedrally coordinated in this structure. The crystal field splitting, the centroid shift and the Stokes shift of the Ce3+ ion are reported in these compounds (Figure 1). The optical data is connected with the structural aspects of the host lattice and compared with those that have been reported in the literature.