Templated Shadowing-Growth for Photonics and Plasmonics

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 08:30
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 19 (Moon Palace Resort)
M. Suzuki (Kyoto University)
It is well known that electric and magnetic polarizations depend on shape of bodies. Photonic metamaterials which reflect useful properties of shape are obtained by shaping and arraying nanoelements (<< λ) with a narrow spacing (<< λ), where λ is a wavelength of light. On the other hand, photonic monocrystals, polycrystals and amorphous with shape related useful properties are available by arraying the shaped nanoelements in a scale comparable to λ. Hybridization of photonics and plasmonics is also possible if the metallic nanoelements are integrated.

In order to control the shapes of such nanoelements, shadowing growth based on dynamic oblique deposition is quite useful. The shadowing growth enables growth of complex 3D structures without any pre- and post-processes such as lithography and etching and is robust in choosing materials. In addition it is easy to modulate the composition in a direction perpendicular to substrate surface because the dynamic oblique deposition technique is a version of PVD. By using a template, which is either self-assembled or lithographically patterned, we can tune the shapes and growth position of nanoelements. Therefore, the shadowing growth on a template with tailored nanomorphology is a powerful tool to shape and array those nanoelements.

 In this presentation, we will show you the peculiar nanomorphology prepared on various templates and some examples of applications to photonics and plasmonics including photonic crystals, polarizers and sensors.