Inkjet Printing Ionic Liquids for the Fabrication of Surface Structures on Biopolymer Substrates

Thursday, 9 October 2014: 11:20
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 3 (Moon Palace Resort)
K. D. Sweely, E. T. Fox (U.S. Naval Academy), E. K. Brown (U. S. Naval Academy), L. M. Haverhals (Bradley University), H. C. De Long (Air Force Office of Scientific Research), and P. C. Trulove (U. S. Naval Academy)
Inkjet printing has become an increasingly popular tool for materials science research due to its ability to rapidly create small devices with excellent precision and reproducibility. Recent studies have utilized inkjet printing for the construction of inexpensive devices using ink-mimicking solutions containing various materials of interest (magnetic, sensing, electronic)[i],[ii],[iii]. By varying the chemical nature of these inks, inkjet printing becomes a robust, versatile, and accessible tool for small scale material fabrication.

Ionic liquids (IL) have been the focus of materials research for some time due to their unique physical and chemical properties. Of significant interest is their ability to solubilize biopolymers such as cellulose and silk[iv]. When paired with inkjet printing, these ILs allow for variable, reproducible modification of biopolymers. By incorporating materials of interest into these IL inks, inkjet printing presents an extremely powerful tool for small scale fabrication with a myriad of applications. In this research we will discuss the modification of surface structures through the inkjet printing of neat IL, IL’s containing nano and micro-scale particles, and IL/polymer solutions.

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