Electrochemical Oxidation of Methyl Parathion at a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 10:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Galactic Ballroom 4 (Moon Palace Resort)
E. Campos-Gonzalez, R. C. Vasquez-Medrano (Universidad Iberoamericana), B. A. Frontana-Uribe (Centro de Investigación en Química Sustentable UAEMex-UNAM), and J. G. Ibanez (Universidad Iberoamericana)
The commercial plaguicide methyl parathion (MP) is electrochemically degraded in a divided H-type cell equipped with two boron doped diamond electrodes, BDDE and a Nafion cation exchange membrane. High removals (i.e., >90%) of total organic carbon, TOC and of chemical oxygen demand, COD were obtained after 180 min at a current density,  j of 5 mA/cm2 with a specific energy consumption, Esp of ca. 200 kWh per kg of COD degraded. These results show that the anodic oxidation route may be an efficient alternative for MP degradation in polluted waters.