Short Stack Performance Using Lower Temperature GDC-Based SOFC

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 14:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Galactic Ballroom 5 (Moon Palace Resort)
H. S. Yoon (University of Maryland), B. M. Blackburn (Redox Power Systems), and E. D. Wachsman (University of Maryland)
Recently, the University of Maryland Energy Research Center and Redox Power Systems LLC developed a GDC electrolyte based solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) for lower temperature operation using conventional ceramic processing. The fabrication process was integrated with tape casting, screen printing, coating, etc., yielding a cell of 10 cm x 10 cm size and an active area of about 80 cm2.

Initial results for single cell tests running on hydrogen and air at 650 oC included an open circuit voltage (OCV) of 0.85 V and a power of over 48 W at over 80 A. At an operating voltage of 0.7 V, the single cell power was about 35 W. For a two cell short stack, the initial results under similar conditions showed an OCV of 1.5 V and a peak power of more than 70 Watts at 650 °C.