Formation of Aligned Nanoporous/Nanotubular Layers of Vanadium Oxy-Nitrides

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 15:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Star Ballroom 1 (Moon Palace Resort)
R. Kirchgeorg, Y. Yang, R. Hahn, and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU))
This talk will present self-organized vanadium oxy-fluoride nanotubular layers grown by electrochemical anodization of vanadium in a [BF4]- electrolyte. In a thermal conversion of this amorphous VOxFy precursor structure in ammonia gas, aligned vanadium oxy-nitride (VOxNy) nanoporous/nanotubular layers could be formed. We established conditions to reach conversion of precursor structures to a well crystallized VOxNy nanotube structure, without the formation of any secondary phases or the collapse of the ordered morphology. The formed VON structures were investigated by SEM, EDX, XRD, XPS and electrochemical measurements for capacitor applications. The overall capacitance of the vanadium oxy-nitride structures showed a value of 250 F/g.


Y. Yang, R. Kirchgeorg, R. Hahn, P. Schmuki Electrochemistry Communications, accepted