Invited: Recent Developments in Na-Ion Battery Materials

Thursday, 9 October 2014: 10:10
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Galactic Ballroom 1 (Moon Palace Resort)
M. N. Obrovac (Dept. of Chemistry, Dalhousie University)
Significant advances have been made in Na-ion battery cathode, anode and electrolytes over the past few years.  The chemistry of Na-ion battery materials has been shown to be significantly different than for Li-ion materials.  These differences are now being exploited as new avenues of research for the development of Na-ion alloy anode materials, oxide anode materials and inexpensive cathode materials have been discovered that don't exist for Li-ion battery materials.  As a result of this progress, the energy density, thermal stability or coulombic efficiency of some Na-ion battery materials have been shown to be competitive, or even exceed that of conventional Li-ion battery materials.  The recent progress in our lab related to Na-ion battery development will be discussed.