Evaluation at Pipeline Corrosion at Oil Field

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 17:15
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 15 (Moon Palace Resort)
G. K. Pedraza Basulto, D. Ortega (Corrosion y Proteccion S. A de C. V), I. Carrillo (corrosion y proteccion S. A. de C. V.), J. Cantˇ, and L. Martinez (Corrosion y Proteccion S. A de C. V)
It is important to know that the Petroleum industry contains a wide variety of corrosive agents . Some of these, many are unique to this industry. Thus it is opportune to group all these environments together. Corrosion problems occur in the petroleum industry in at least three general areas: production, transportation and storage, and  refinery operations.

In spite of Internal corrosion of product pipelines can be controlled with coatings and inhibitor, such as amines and nitrites. The various aggressive agents shall be determined through monitoring of the physical and chemical characteristics of the fluid in contact with the system under study, providing aggressive conditions thereof. The most important elements to be determined are: Gases dissolved in water and gas (H2S, CO2 and O2), Bacteria sulfatoreductoras , Chlorides , pH.

The aim of this work is make the characterization of the fluid and determinate the corrosivity of them in a transportation pipeline. The results show us the scale of priorization of them as well as a results of the gravimetric tecniques.