B2-1: Advanced Systems

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 08:00-11:25
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Jupiter 3 & 5 (Moon Palace Resort)
Karen Swider-Lyons and Peter Jaime Bouwman
Introductory Remarks
Invited: HT-PEFC: From Fundamentals to Stacks and Systems (Cancelled)
Development of Anodic Materials with Elevated Hydrogen Sulfide Tolerance for HT-PEMFCs Using Reformat
M. Rau, C. Cremers, K. Pinkwart, and J. Tübke (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT)
Performance of the High Temperature PEM Membrane Electrode Assembly
R. Kerr, H. R. García, M. T. Romero, C. Terkelsen, H. A. Hjuler, and T. Steenberg (Danish Power Systems)
Characterisation of MT-PEM Based Stack for Application in Micro-Combined Heat and Power Systems (Cancelled)
(Invited) Manufacturing Readiness and Cost Impacts for PEM Stack and Balance of Plant
D. Wheeler (DJW Technology, LLC) and M. Ulsh (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Hydrogen Production on an Ethanol Dehydrogenation Reactor Coupled to a Conventional PEMFC
A. G. Sato (Universidade Federal de Viçosa), G. C. D. Silva (Universidade de São Paulo - IQSC), V. A. Paganin, and E. A. Ticianelli (Universidade de São Paulo, IQSC)
On Power Density and Efficiency of H2/O2 Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Systems
F. N. Büchi, M. Hofer, U. Cabalzar (Paul Scherrer Institut), J. Bernard, U. Hannesen, A. Closset (Belenos Clean Power Holding), P. Dietrich, and T. J. Schmidt (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Development of Next Generation Heavy Duty Bus Fuel Cells with Enhanced Durability
E. Kjeang, S. Holdcroft (Simon Fraser University), S. Knights (Ballard Power Systems), K. Malek (Simon Fraser University), N. Djilali (University of Victoria), M. Eikerling, F. Golnaraghi, G. Wang, N. Rajapakse (Simon Fraser University), P. Wild (University of Victoria), J. Devaal, M. Lauritzen, M. Watson, and E. Rogers (Ballard Power Systems)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Small Unmanned Air Vehicles
K. Swider-Lyons (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), R. O. Stroman, B. D. Gould, J. A. Rodgers, J. Mackrell (Naval Research Laboratory), M. Schuette (Sotera Defense), and G. Page (Excelis)
Fuel Cells Current Capabilities and Challenges for the Military Applications
D. Chu, R. Jiang, X. Ren, K. Grew, and J. McClure (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)