The Effect of Distribution of Uvlight on Elastic Modulus of UV Cured Film in Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Process

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)
S. Kondo (Yamagata University), K. Taki (Kanazawa University), and H. Ito (Yamagata University)
The Roll-to-Roll UV nanoimprint process (R2RUVNIP) is a promising technology to fabricate nanostructure on flexible films. In nanoimprint process, there is an issue how to find a feasible operating condition to peel-off the UV resin from the mold. To produce a desired nanostructure by the R2RUVNIP, the conversion and surface elasticity of UV-cured resin in
the process are needed to be known precisely to optimize the UV intensity and line speed. In this study, a UV curable resin (1,6-bis(acryloyloxy)hexane) was cured in the roll-to-roll nanoimprint process. Then the conversion and surface elastic modulus of UV resin were measured with FT-IR and nano indenter, respectively. The effect of distribution of UV light on the roller mold was investigated. The sharp distribution of UV light was effective to increase surface elastic modulus at a given conversion of monomer.