Enhanced Electrochemical Characteristics of the Pani-Coated Sulfur Cathode

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:20
Salon A-2 (Hilton Chicago)
J. E. Hyun (Korea Automotive Technology Institute), J. Um (Elpani), S. H. Lee (Ajou University), M. J. Jung (Elpani), and T. Ishihara (Kyushu University)

The dissolution of polysulfides from the cathode remains a key roadblock in the advancement of Li-S batteries. To prevent polysulfide dissolution and improve the performance of Li-S battery, PANi-coated sulfur cathode is prepared using 2L reaction vessel. Using the different sulfur ratio, the performance test is conducted, which results that 33 wt% sulfur PANi composite shows best performance.

The PANi-coated sulfur composite cathode was composed of 70 wt% of the PANi-coated sulfur composite, 20 wt% of vapor grown carbon fiber, and 10 wt% of binder (kynar 761). The bare sulfur cathode also had a similar composition (70 wt% of sulfur, 20 wt% of vapor-grown carbon fiber, and 10 wt% of binder (kynar 761)). The sulfur loading of the electrodes was about 4.5 mg cm-2. The electrode slurry was coated on an aluminum sheet (15 µm).