Investigation of Electroplating Trivalent Cr-C on Copper Alloy As Bipolar Plates with Different Current Density in Pemfcs

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)


In this study, the trivalent Cr-C coating was electroplated on copper alloy as bipolar plates because of their excellent electric conductivity and corrosion resistance.  The SEM images showed that the thickness of the coating was about 2 to 13 μm and increased with raised coating current density. The surface morphology at 10 A/dm2 is more smooth, no cracks and has high carbon content (46.65 at). Moreover, the polarization curve with different coating current density (10, 30, 50 A/dm2) represented the coating prepared at 10 A/dm2 and 10 minutes possessing the lowest corrosion current density (Icorr=1.9 x 10-7 A/cm2). At contact resistance measurement, we got value (3.2 mΩcm2) at 10 A/dm2 which less than the standard of DOE (20 mΩcm2). The results of single cell test showed better performance (about 338.0 mW/cm2) at 10 A/dm2.