Indium Tin Oxide – Silicon Nanocrystal Nanocomposite Grown by Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)
S. O'Brien, K. Linehan, H. Doyle (Tyndall National Institute - UCC), A. Kingsley, C. Ashfield, B. Frank (SAFC Hitech), L. Xie, K. Leifer (Uppsala University), P. Thony, S. Perraud (CEA), M. E. Pemble, and I. M. Povey (Tyndall National Institute - UCC)
Nanocomposite films were successfully grown by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition (CVD) in a single deposition step using a mixture of Indium Tin neodecanoate and ligand stabilised silicon nanocrystals. Samples were analysed by HRTEM and silicon nanocrystals with a density of 1.2 × 1012 cm-2 were observed.  From the reconstructed 3D tomogram, the averaged distance between the nearest nanoparticles is 8.3 nm and the 3D density of nanoparticles is 1.6 × 1018 cm-3.  An animation of the 3D reconstruction is supplied in the supporting information. These data show the versatility of aerosol assisted CVD in achieving a nanocomposite with such a density of silicon nanocrystals, of carefully controlled size and shape, within a polycrystalline host matrix. Therefore, meeting the density and size distribution requirements of particle inclusion in active nanocomposites for photovoltaic structures