A Silicon-Graphene Electrode with Multilayered Structure for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 10:00
Salon A-1 (Hilton Chicago)
X. Gao (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), J. Li (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Y. Xie, and C. Yuan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
A silicon-graphene electrode composed of porous Si and reduced graphene oxide with multilayered structure was synthesized from bulk Si particles through inexpensive electroless etching and graphene self-encapsulating approach. The prepared composite electrode presents superior electrochemical performance with a discharge capacity of 1026 mAh/g tested at 1A/g and good retention rate. The columbic efficiencies are about 99% during the whole cycling process. The electrode was extensively characterized and it is found that the superior performance attributes to the novel multilayered structure with porous Si particles encapsulated, which effectively accommodate the large volume change during the lithiation/delithiation process and provide increased electrical conductivity. This facile approach offers an alternative route to construct promising low cost Si electrode for future industrial applications.