Synthesis of an Extensive Family of Sc2o@C2n (n=35-47) and Chemical Insight into the Small-Size Species

Monday, 25 May 2015: 14:00
Lake Ontario (Hilton Chicago)
L. Feng and N. Chen (Soochow University)
An extensive family of oxide cluster fullerenes (OCFs) Sc2O@C2n (n=35-47) has been facilely produced for the first time by introducing CO2 as the oxygen source. Among this family, Sc2O@C70 was identified as the smallest OCF and therefore isolated and characterized by mass spectrometry, 45Sc NMR, UV-Vis-NIR absorption spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and DFT calculations. The combined experimental and computational studies reveal a non-IPR isomer Sc2O@C2(7892)-C70 with reversible oxidative behavior and lower bandgap relative to that of Sc2S@C2(7892)-C70, demonstrating a typical example of unexplored OCF and underlining its cluster-dependant electronic properties. As for other OCF members, the related studies are still on the way.