Spray-Coated All-Solid-State Potentiometric Sensors

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)
E. Jaworska (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry), M. Schmidt, G. Scarpa (Technische Universität München), K. Maksymiuk (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry), and A. Michalska (Univeristy of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry)
Recent reports on application of nanostructurized materials for potentiometric sensing purposes  point out advantages of novel structures [1]. Here a methods of ions-selective electrodes preparation using solely spray coating method was reported [2]. As an electrical lead support and transducer  spray coated CNT layers were used. The ion-selective membrane was coated also by spraying membrane cocktail over a part of a CNTs layer. This method offers significant advantages compared to screen-printed electrodes used also for potentiometric applications [3]. The benefits of the herein-proposed approach include fully automatic sensor preparation and minimized use of chemicals allowing for the production of low-cost sensors that can be applied as disposables. The obtained sensors (as the model system potassium-selective sensors were prepared) are characterized with analytical parameters well comparable with that of conventional, all-solid-state, ion-selective electrodes. In addition, the applicability of the herein-proposed approach to prepare other ion-selective electrodes was tested on examples of H+  and Cl- sensors.


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