Formulation and Micro-Extrusion of High Graphene or Activated Carbon Loaded Slurries

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 15:20
Lake Ontario (Hilton Chicago)
L. Li, S. M. Imran (IIT), and L. Shaw (Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research)
Our study is focusing on how the dispersion of solid ingredients in solvent affects the micro-extrusion performance. The slurries comprising high loading of graphene (GN) and carbon black (CB)  in solvent N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) or DI water with SDS are prepared. In addition the capability of the extrudate to maintain its shape right after extrusion of the slurries will influence the micro-extrusion performance. Six key parameters will be studied, including (a) the pH value, (b) the salt concentration, (c) the solid loading, (d) the extrusion rate (cm3/sec), and (e) drying speeds (static air drying or flowing air drying). To avoid phase separation, we will design the orifice size according to the GN size. For the activated carbon slurries, we also investigated the aqueous system and the micro-extrusion performance.