High Energy Density Solid-State Lithium Battery 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 18:00
Salon A-3 (Hilton Chicago)
J. Thokchom (Johnson Battery Technologies, Inc.)
This presentation seeks to present the science and technology of a safe all-solid-state, high-energy density, rechargeable lithium battery. The main breakthroughs in the solid-state battery technology will be summarized and will share our latest contributions in the advancement of the technology. The unit cell of the battery comprises lithium metal as the anode, a novel high performance lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide based composite cathode and a lithium stable composite electrolyte as separator. At cell level we are able to achieve a very high energy density at moderate rate and elevated temperature. This achievement is made possible by adopting our proprietary composite cathode composition and processing. Another advantage is its ability to operate at high temperature up to 160oC compared to the commercially available lithium-ion batteries, which normally operate only up to 60oC. The targeted applications for the battery are for automobile and others like consumer electronics, power tools, medical, and oil exploration.

 Key Words: solid composite electrolyte, all-solid-state lithium battery, high-energy density, extended temperature range, and electric vehicles