(Invited) Development of Printed Flexible Organic Solar Panels, Field Effect Transistors, and Logic Circuits on PET Substrates

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 13:30
Conference Room 4L (Hilton Chicago)
S. Alem, T. Y. Chu, J. Lu, T. Kololuoma, and Y. Tao (National Research Council of Canada)
In this talk, I will introduce the research activities on the development of printed flexible organic solar panels, field effect transistors, and pMOS based logic circuits under NRC’s Printable Electronics Flagship Program.

I will report the development of polycarbazole-based, printed organic solar panels and the application of a printable, air-stable, and annealing-free zinc oxide nanoparticle (ZnO NP) solution in the fabrication of inverted bulk heterojunction solar cells. The as-coated ZnO thin films are insoluble in organic solvents and can be directly used as an electron extraction layer in solar cells. The process is R2R compatible. Our non-encapsulated inverted solar cells are highly stable with their PCEs remaining unchanged after being stored in air for more than 50 days.

The development of inkjet-printed pMOS inverters and logic gates on flexible substrates will be also presented. The fabrication of inkjet-printed OTFTs has achieved a yield of 97%. Different types of logic gates, inverters, and ring oscillators have been successfully fabricated by using these basic pMOS devices.