Wearable and Washable Supercapacitor Based on Adhering Architecture

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Salon C (Hilton Chicago)
Y. G. Yoo, S. Park, I. Nam, S. Bae, J. Park, and J. Yi (Seoul National University)
Wearable electrical devices have attracted tremendous attention along with the improvements of electronic technologies. One of the most important prerequisites of such electric systems is an energy storage system with durability against various stresses in daily life (e.g. mechanical impacts or invasion of humidity). In this research, we report on a development of all-solid-state, foldable and washable supercapacitor system. A constructed carbon network was readily assembled into a full-cell by its self-adhering architecture. The as-prepared system operated stably even under the conditions of severe folding and washing without capacity fading, which is attributed to both robust electrical connectivity of the fibrous carbon network and intimate contact between solid electrolyte/electrodes. In addition, a simple modification of electrode greatly enhances the energy density of system. The collected results suggest that this supercapacitor system can be a promising candidate for practically available and wearable energy storage systems with high cost-effectiveness and scalability.