Oxidation and Corrosion of Silica-Forming Materials

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 10:00-11:20
PDR 2 (Hilton Chicago)
Paul E. Gannon and Bilge Yildiz
Characterization and Simulation of Residual Stress Generation during the Oxidation of Silicon Carbide
R. Krishnamurthy (UES Inc., Air Force Research Laboratory), P. Mogilevsky (Air Force Research Laboratory, UES Inc.), C. Przybyla (Air Force Research Laboratory), T. Parthasarathy (UES Inc., Air Force Research Laboratory), and R. Hay (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Boria Fluxing of SiC in Ceramic Matrix Composite Aeropropulsion Applications
B. McFarland (University of Vrginia) and E. Opila (University of Virginia)
High Temperature Oxidation of Mo-Si-B Alloys and Coatings
J. Perepezko, T. Sossaman, and P. Ritt (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Hot Corrosion of SiC/BN/SiC Composites
E. J. Opila and J. Hagan (University of Virginia)