Devices 1: Optoelectronics & Photovoltaics

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:00-11:40
Conference Room 4G (Hilton Chicago)
Chih-Fang Huang and Chen-Yu Chen
(Invited) Fabrication and Applications of High-Efficiency, Lightweight, Multi-Junction Solar Cells by Epitaxial Liftoff
V. C. Elarde, H. Miyamoto, R. Chan, C. Stender, C. Youtsey, J. G. J. Adams, A. Wibowo, R. Tatavarti, M. Osowski, and N. Pan (MicroLink Devices)
Invited: Advances in III-V/Active-Silicon Multijunction Photovoltaics: Progress Toward a Si-Plus Architecture
T. J. Grassman, D. J. Chmielewski, C. Ratcliff, S. D. Carnevale, J. A. Carlin, and S. A. Ringel (The Ohio State University)
(Invited) Advanced Photon Management in Printed High-Efficiency Multijunction Solar Cells
X. Sheng (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and J. A. Rogers (UIUC)
(Invited) Dilute-Nitride-Antimonide Materials Grown by MOVPE for Multi-Junction Solar Cell Application
L. J. Mawst (University of Wisconsin - Madison), T. W. Kim, H. Kim (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Y. Kim, K. Kim, J. J. Lee (Ajou University), T. F. Kuech (University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Z. R. Lingley, S. D. LaLumondiere, Y. Sin, W. T. Lotshaw, and S. C. Moss (The Aerospace Corporation)
Invited: Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Sensing and Optoelectronic Applications
R. D. Schaller (Argonne National Laboratory & Northwestern University)
(Invited) InAs/InAs1-XSbx Type-II Superlattices for High-Performance Long-Wavelength Infrared Medical Thermography
M. Razeghi, A. Haddadi, G. Chen, R. Chevallier, and A. M. Hoang (Northwestern University)
Template-directed Synthesis of Ag2S-Fe2O3 Heterostructures
Y. Chen, S. Liu, M. Zhao, L. Yu, H. Dong (Qingdao University of Science and Technology), and L. Dong (Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Missouri State University)