Electrochromic and Chromogenic Materials 9

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 10:00-12:00
Conference Room 4E (Hilton Chicago)
Chunye Xu , Pawel J Kulesza and Aline Rougier
Color e-Paper Technology with Electrochemistry
N. Kobayashi (Chiba University)
Enhanced Electrochromic Performance Based on Conducting Polymer/ZnO Nanocomposites (Cancelled)
Effective Immobilization of Nanostructured Materials Aiming Performant Electrochromic Electrodes
S. I. Cordoba de Torresi (Instituto de Quimica, Universidade de São Paulo), J. R. Martins Neto, and T. Augusto (Universidade de São Paulo)
An All-in-One Electrochromic Device Containing Thermally Cured Dual Functional Viologen
S. Y. Kao, H. C. Lu, T. H. Chang, C. W. Kung, and K. C. Ho (National Taiwan University)