Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry, Electrocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistry 2

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 10:00-12:20
Williford Room C (Hilton Chicago)
Shelley D. Minteer , Michael Edward Snowden and Tomer Noyhouzer
Contact Lens Biofuel Cell Tested in Conditions Similar to Human Eyes
R. C. Reid, S. D. Minteer, and B. K. Gale (University of Utah)
Electrochemical Kinetic Study on Various Immobilized Yeasts for Glucose Biofuel Cell Applications (Cancelled)
Quantifying Single Human Cancer Cell Redox State By Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (Cancelled)
Redox Triggered Vesicles a Promising Approach for Drug Delivery
T. Noyhouzer (McGill University), C. L'Homme (University of Qébec in Montreal), S. Kuss (McGill University), H. B. Kraatz (University of Toronto), S. Canesi (University of Qébec in Montreal), and J. Mauzeroll (McGill University)
Electrochemical Modification of Carbon Surfaces with Functional Polymers
A. Devadoss, C. Xue, and H. K. Tsai (Hitachi Chemical Research Center, Inc.)
Electrochemical Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Bacterial Infections
E. D. Goluch, T. A. Webster, and H. J. Sismaet (Northeastern University)
Electrolytic and Electroless Fabrication of Al-Sc Alloys in KF-Naf-AlF3 Electrolytes (Cancelled)