Transistors and Circuits, Flexible Systems, Applications IV

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 10:00-10:40
Conference Room 4L (Hilton Chicago)
Munira Raja and Yuning Li
Electrochemical Properties of Residues for Bioinspired Molecular Electrets
E. M. Espinoza, J. M. Larsen, and V. I. Vullev (University of California, Riverside)
Pvdf Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Applications in Flexible Devices
A. V. Oriani (Politecnico di Milano), P. Cojocaru (Solvay Specialty Polymers), M. A. Spreafico (Politecnico di Milano), M. Apostolo, F. Triulzi (Solvay Specialty Polymers), and L. Magagnin (Politecnico di Milano)