Evaluation of V2O5 Coatings Grown By Plasma Enhanced and Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition

Monday, 20 June 2016
Riverside Center (Hyatt Regency)
I. I. Kazadojev (Tyndall National Institute - UCC), S. O'Brien, M. Modreanu (Tyndall National Institute UCC), P. Osiceanu, S. Somacescu (Institute of Physical Chemistry I.G. Murgulescu), M. Apostolopoulou, N. Katsarakis, E. Koudoumas, D. Vernardou (Technological Educational Institute of Crete), M. E. Pemble, and I. M. Povey (Tyndall National Institute - UCC)
The atomic layer deposition (ALD) of vanadium pentoxide on fluorine doped tin dioxide coated glass substrates has been examined. Growth was performed by employing Tetrakisdimethylaminovanadium with either water, oxygen or oxygen/argon plasma as the co-reagent. It was observed that only the plasma assisted ALD material was crystalline as grown, with all samples requiring a one hour 400°C to give material that demonstrated well orientated material that exhibited long term stoichiometric stability. The optical properties, morphology, stiochiometry and crystallinity are discussed with respect to the materials' electrochemical performance. More specifically intercalation-deintercalation rates and the charge storage capacities. In addition, the influence of Ag doping is investigated both in terms of electrochemical performance and the physical properties of the resultant materials.