In-Situ Exsolution of Nano Transition Metal Particles on Lanthanum Chromite Perovskite Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Thursday, 30 July 2015: 17:00
Boisdale (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
Y. F. Sun, M. N. Wang, and J. L. Luo (University of Alberta)
The physical and electrochemical properties of lanthanum chromite perovskites in which a portion of Cr cations have been substituted with transition metals (La0.6Sr0.3Cr0.85M0.15, M= Ni, Fe, Co) were investigated and the suitability of the materials for use as anode in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) was assessed. The SEM results show that the well dispersed nano transition metal particles were successfully prepared by growing them in-situ directly from its perovskite parent backbone under anode reaction condition. And these particles can re-resolve into the lattice when exposed to oxidizing condition. The SOFCs exhibited desirable electrochemical performance in both sweet and sour fuels. It is demonstrated that the promoting effect should be attributed to the decoration of nano transition metals which enhanced the electronic conductivity and catalytic activity.