In Situ TEM Temperature Study of Solid State Reaction of Lanthanum Oxide and Chromia

Monday, 27 July 2015
Hall 2 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
L. S. Karlsson, C. O. A. Olsson, M. W. Lundberg, R. Berger, and J. Westlinder (AB Sandvik Materials Technology)
Rare earth elements like La and Ce are known to improve the corrosion resistance of coated ferritic steels [1, 2]. The solid state reaction between La-rich oxide and Cr2O3 has been studied by x-ray diffraction (XRD) and in situ heating TEM with electron diffraction. The La-rich oxide powder was found to be porous and polycrystalline and would start by healing the pores and forming a transition phase of orthorhombic CrLaO3 [3] before migration of La is found at the interfaces (Figure 1). After full reaction pure La2O3 has been observed by HRTEM in a region initially starting as porous La-rich oxide (Figure 2).

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