The Electrolyte Transport in a Porous Electrode of Lib Using Lbm

Monday, 27 July 2015
Hall 2 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
D. H. Jeon (Dongguk University)
LBM for multi-phase fluid mixture is applied to the problem of electrolyte transport phenomena in two-dimensional porous electrode structure of LIBs. LB model successfully simulates the complicated microscopic behaviors of liquid electrolyte in porous electrode providing the mechanism of liquid electrolyte transport in LIBs. It is shown that LBM approach is an effective tool to investigate electrolyte transport phenomena in porous electrode with wettability taken into consideration. The results indicate that the wettability in porous electrode is strongly influenced by two-phase (electrolyte and air) transport and thus removal of existing air can be a bottleneck for the enhancement of wettability. Improving the wettability can be attained by controlling the material properties such as porosity, particle size and contact angle to assist in an efficient distribution of liquid electrolyte.