Ceres Power Steel Cell Technology: Rapid Progress Towards a Truly Commercially Viable SOFC

Monday, 27 July 2015: 11:40
Lomond Auditorium (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
R. T. Leah, A. Bone, M. Lankin, A. Selcuk, M. Rahman, A. Clare, L. Rees, S. Phillip, S. Mukerjee, and M. Selby (Ceres Power Ltd.)
Ceres Power is continuing to make excellent progress in the development of its low-temperature metal supported SOFC design (the ‘Steel Cell’) based predominantly around the use of ceria. This unique design architecture allows for a robust, low cost, subsidy free fuel cell product, whilst retaining the advantages of fuel flexibility, high efficiency and low degradation.

Over the last year, extensive development and verification of the technology has been undertaken on the latest generation of Steel Cell technology, which offers further enhancements in technology readiness level and manufacturability.  Over the same period, third parties have deepened their testing and development engagements with Ceres Power for a broadening range of market applications at cell, stack, fuel cell module and product levels. This paper provides an update on Ceres’ development, verification approach and latest results.