Embroidered 3D Porous Structures As Current Collectors for Li-Ion Batteries

Monday, 27 July 2015
Hall 2 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
N. Aguiló-Aguayo, P. Pena Espiñeira, and T. Bechtold (University of Innsbruck)
There is a need to improve battery designs to maximise energy and power densities. Standard planar current collectors present some limitations in electronic conductivity due to a thickness of the active mass, problems with the uniformity of thermal conductivity at high current densities, as well as difficulties with the handling of the batteries. Here, we present embroidered 3D porous structures fabricated by technical embroidery as an alternative to be used as current collectors for LiFePO4 batteries. X-ray computed micro tomography was used to provide the appropriate morphological characterisation of the 3D structures. The electrochemical behaviour of the electrodes was also investigated using charge and discharge cycles. Specific capacities as a function of the mass loading and the increase of the current densities are presented.