Development of Toho Gas SOFC Cell Stack

Tuesday, 28 July 2015: 10:40
Lomond Auditorium (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
S. Masuda (Fuel Cell Technology Group, TOHO GAS CO., LTD.), Y. Ogura (TOHO GAS CO., LTD.), and J. Shimano (TOHO GAS CO.,LTD.)
Toho Gas has developed a planar type of scandia stabilized zirconia (ScSZ) electrolyte supported cell, and has been researching the improvement for the performance of cell stack.

We focused on the seal materials in order to improve the performance of Toho’s ScSZ electrolyte supported cell stack in this study. The existing seal material, powder type, is mixed with the organic solvent, and printed on the cell stack assembly. However, the seal quality varies in some degree in each samples, and the yield rate of printing process is not high enough. Furthermore, we have to design the cell stack with consideration for the seal contraction, because the seal materials crystallize and contract at the high temperature.

In this study, in order to improve the seal performance, we evaluate the seal performance of two types of seal, and the contraction thickness in some conditions.