Hexis and the SOFC System Galileo 1000 N: Experiences from Lab and Field Testing

Monday, 27 July 2015: 14:20
Alsh (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
A. Mai, J. A. Schuler, F. Fleischhauer, V. Nerlich, and A. Schuler (Hexis Ltd.)
Hexis is developing and manufacturing SOFC-based micro-CHP systems for single-family or small multi-family houses. The current system Galileo 1000 N has an output of 1 kW electrical power. It furthermore covers the full heat demand of a standard single family house. More than 250 Galileo 1000 N systems have been installed up to now and are operated at customer's sites and in the lab.

The newest achievements in the field test and in the lab on durability and cyclability of SOFC stacks and complete micro-CHP systems are reported. Achievements are total system efficiencies of 95% (LHV) and electrical efficiencies of 35% (AC net, LHV). In tests with steam reforming, electrical efficiencies of more than 55 % (DC) have been shown on short-stack level. The longest system test had been running for more than 40 000 h. More recently, power degradation rates of approx. 0.5% per 1 000 h over more than 20 000 hours on short-stack level and over more than 12 000 h on full-system level have been demonstrated which were also confirmed in field tests. Cycling tests have shown a tolerance against 100 complete redox-cycles on short-stack level and 50 on-off cycles on system level. Summarized, stack lifetimes of 7 to 8 years are considered to be realistic. All-in-all, the technical market readiness has been achieved with the Galileo 1000 N. Consequently, an introduction into pilot-markets in Europe was started in autumn 2013.