Materials, Technologies, Equipment for Production and Non-Destructive Testing of High Energy, Safe and Low Cost Solid State Li-Ion Batteries

Monday, 27 July 2015
Hall 2 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
E. M. Shembel, V. I. Redko, N. I. Klyui, A. V. Markevich, I. M. Maksyuta, V. A. Tutyk, A. V. Nosenko, and O. Kolomoyet (Enerize Corporation)
Enerize achievements in the development the high energy solid state Li-ion batteries are based on the synergetic effect of our innovations in the areas of new materials, technologies and equipment for thin film deposition. Key materials and technologies include: vitreous high ionic conductivity solid inorganic electrolytes; high energy silicon – graphite composite binder free anodes with the structure, which ensures the high level of the adhesion between composition and current collector, cohesion between the particles of silicon and graphite, and high level stability during cycling. Key innovating methods and equipment are based on the Gas Discharge Electron Gun with a Cold Cathode, and Gas Detonation Deposition, which provide the high rate deposition of thin layers of electrode materials and solid electrolytes with predetermined properties. Breakthrough is resulting reducing the costs, increases productivity of battery fabrication, and provides reliability and high performance of batteries. Areas of applications for Li-ion batteries with solid inorganic electrolyte include: oil & gas drilling companies, hot environments and/or high loads, e.g. vehicle running uphill, military, power tools, deep mining, aerospace, and petrochemicals. Enerize owns 4 US patents and 4 US patent applications in the area of the solid state batteries