A Direct Methane Fuel Cell with Double-Layered Electrolyte Using Proton Conducting Oxide

Friday, 28 July 2017: 14:40
Atlantic Ballroom 3 (The Diplomat Beach Resort)
Y. Okuyama, S. Kawano, G. Sakai, N. Matsunaga (University of Miyazaki), and Y. Mizutani (Technical Research Institute, Toho Gas Co., Ltd.)
BaCe0.8Y0.2O3-δ (BCY) have high proton conductivity, but are less stable against carbon dioxide. La0.9Sr0.1Yb0.8In0.2O3-δ (LSYbIn) have chemical stability, but are not so conductivity as BCY. In this study, the performance of methane fuel cell using BCY and LSYbIn as electrolyte have been studied. The fuel cell using BCY showed the short-term degradation. On the other hand, the fuel cell using LSYbIn showed the high capability in methane.The protonic ceramic fuel cell with double-layered electrolyte was developed to improvement of the chemical stability with methane and the fuel cell performance. LSYbIn was used as fuel side intermediate layer of fuel cell using BCY for protective with methane. The fuel cell with double-layered electrolyte suppressed the degradation by methane.