Electrochemical Characterization of Pt Nanocatalysts Supported on Functionalized Vulcan Xc-72 for the EOR

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Grand Foyer, Lobby Level (Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek)
W. J. Pech-Rodríguez, D. Gonzalez-Quijano, G. Vargas-Gutierrez, J. I. Escalante-Garcia, and F. J. Rodriguez-Varela (Cinvestav Unidad Saltillo)
In this work, the effect of the functionalization of Vulcan support on the electrocatalytic behavior of Pt/C nanocatalysts for the Ethanol Oxidation Reaction (EOR) has been studied. Vulcan was functionalized via a micro-wave reaction using citric acid and methanol as chemical agents. Pt nanoparticles were dispersed on functionalized Vulcan using the Intermittent Microwave Heating reduction method.