Properties of Garnet Ceramic Scintillators

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 16:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Star Ballroom 4 & 5 (Moon Palace Resort)
A. A. Setlur, J. Murphy, and R. Lyons (GE Global Research)
Garnet-based ceramics have applications as downconverters in LED lighting, laser media, and as scintillators for the detection of high energy photons.  In this presentation, we will discuss the properties of Ce3+-doped garnet ceramics within the context of their applicability in computerized tomography (CT) scanners.  CT scintillator requirements are different versus those for PET and applications that require energy resolution due to the need to reducing both afterglow at various timeframes and radiation damage while having reduced transparency requirements.  Therefore, we will discuss how we can modify garnet composition and processing in order to meet some of these requirements.  These modifications in process and composition can also give some insight towards some of the potential defects that are responsible for worse (or better) garnet scintillators.  Finally, we will address some of the potential paths for future research and development.