Luminescence and Display Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (in Honor of Hajime Yamamoto) II

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 14:00-17:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Star Ballroom 4 & 5 (Moon Palace Resort)
U. Happek and Anant A Setlur
Plasma Enhanced Electrochemical Preparation for Photo-Luminescent Metal Oxide Films on Al Foil
E. H. Kang (Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Research Institute of Advanced Materials, Seoul National University) and S. H. Hong (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University)
A Universal Approach to the Fast Discovery of New Nitride Phosphors
R. J. Xie, T. Takeda (National Institute for Materials Science), S. Funahashi (National Institute for Material Science), T. Suehiro, and N. Hirosaki (National Institute for Materials Science)
Emission of White Light from Doped and Undoped Oxide Nanopowders
G. Bilir (Istanbul Technical University), G. Ozen (Department of Physics Istanbul Technical University), J. Collins (Wheaton College), and B. Di Bartolo (Department of Physics, Boston College)
Gas-Reduction—Nitridation Synthesis of Nitride Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting
T. Suehiro, R. J. Xie, and N. Hirosaki (National Institute for Materials Science)
Properties of Garnet Ceramic Scintillators
A. A. Setlur, J. Murphy, and R. Lyons (GE Global Research)
One STEP Synthesis of Pure Cubic and Monoclinic HfO2 Nanoparticles: Effects of Temperature and Ambient on the Photoluminescent Properties
P. Rauwel, A. Galeckas (University of Oslo, Dept. of Physics and SMN), and E. Rauwel (University of Oslo, Dept. of Chemistry and SMN, Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu College)