Metal Bonding and 3D-Integration

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 14:00-17:00
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 9 (Moon Palace Resort)
Roy Knechtel and Mark Goorsky
(Invited) Room Temperature Bonding Using Thin Metal Films (Bonding Energy and Technical Potential)
T. Shimatsu (FRIS, Tohoku University, RIEC, Tohoku University), M. Uomoto, and H. Kon (FRIS, Tohoku University)
(Invited) Reactive Bonding with Integrated Reactive and Nano Scale Energetic Material Systems (iRMS): State-of-the-Art and Future Development Trends
J. Braeuer, J. Besser (Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nanosystems (ENAS)), S. Hertel (Fachhochschule Zwickau), R. Masser (Chemnitz University of Technology), W. Schneider (Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH), M. Wiemer (Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nanosystems (ENAS)), and T. Gessner (Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems, Chemnitz University of Technology)
Modeling and Integration Phenomena of metal-metal direct bonding technology
L. Di Cioccio (CEA/LETI minatec campus), F. Baudin (MINATEC), P. Gergaud (CEA, LETI Minatec campus), V. Delaye (CEA-LETI), P. H. Jouneau (CEA), F. Rieutord (CEA, INAC), and T. Signamarcheix (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus)
Voiding Phenomena in Copper-Copper Bonded Structures: Role of Creep
P. Gondcharton, B. Imbert (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus), L. Benaissa (CEA-LETI MINATEC Campus), and M. Verdier (CNRS, SIMaP)
Impact Factors on Low Temperature Cu-Cu Wafer Bonding
B. Rebhan (EV Group, Christian Doppler Laboratory for Microscopic and Spectroscopic Material Characterization), M. Wimplinger (EV Group), and K. Hingerl (Center of Surface- and Nanoanalytics, Johannes Kepler University, Christian Doppler Laboratory for Microscopic and Spectroscopic Material Characterization)
Concluding Remarks