Nanocarbon Fundamentals and Applications II

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 14:00-17:00
Expo Center, 2nd Floor, Delta Room (Moon Palace Resort)
Steven Stevenson and R. Bruce Weisman
Perylenediimide-Graphene Donor-Acceptor Nanoensembles: Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysics
N. Karousis (Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, National Hellenic Research Foundation), L. Martin-Gomis (Instituto de Bioingenieria-Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Elche, Spain), K. Ohkubo (Osaka University), T. Hasobe (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University), A. Sastre-Santos (División de Química Orgánica Instituto de Bioingeniería Universidad Miguel Hernández Edificio Vinalopó, Avda. Universidad s/n), S. Fukuzumi (Osaka Prefecture University), and N. Tagmatarchis (Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, National Hellenic Research Foundation)
Controllable Phosphorus Doped Graphene Field Effect Transistor Using Phosphosilicate-Glass Films
J. S. Yoon (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, Sungkyunkwan University)
Improved Bilayer Graphene Transistors for Applications in Nanoelectronics
U. Schwalke and P. Wessely (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Graphene-Based Hybrid Materials Incorporating Multichromophores
S. P. Economopoulos (Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute - National Hellenic Research Foundation) and N. Tagmatarchis (Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, National Hellenic Research Foundation)
Improved Resistive Memory Switching Characteristics of Gold Nanoparticles Embedded Graphene Oxide
G. Khurana (University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras), P. Misra (University of Puerto Rico), and R. S. Katiyar (Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras)
Processing of 2D Layered Materials for Supercapacitors Applications
V. Nicolosi (Chemistry school, Physics School, CRANN & AMBER,Trinity College Dublin), B. Mendoza, J. Cohelo (Trinity College Dublin), S. O'Brien (Physics school, CRANN,Trinity College Dublin), H. Pettersson (Physics School, Trinity College Dublin), E. McGuire, H. Nerl, E. Doherthy, E. Long, J. Barco, and J. Coleman (Trinity College Dublin)
Study of Electrochemical Behavior of Hybrid Materials Based on GO/ PMo12/Conducting Polymer Obtained By Interfacial Polymerization
J. M. Baas-López, C. García- Chan (Yucatan Center for Scientific Research), A. K. Cuentas-Gallegos (Instituto de Energías Renovables-UNAM), and D. Pacheco (Yucatan Center for Scientific Research)