Oxygen Reduction Reactions X

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 14:00-17:00
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 14 (Moon Palace Resort)
Pawel J. Kulesza , Robert A. Mantz and Gautam Gupta
Highly Tunable and Ordered Graphene-Oxide-Based Materials for Energy Applications
U. Martinez, A. Mohite, G. M. Purdy, A. M. Dattelbaum, P. Zelenay, and G. Gupta (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Nitrogen-Containing Carbon Nanostructures (CNx) Iron-Nitrogen-Carbon (Fe-N-C) as Non-Noble Metal Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) in Acidic Media
U. S. Ozkan, K. Mamtani, D. Singh, J. Tian (The Ohio State University), and J. T. Miller (Argonne National Laboratory)
Preparation of TaOx by Electrochemical Technique and Its Application to Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction
Z. Awaludin, M. Safuan, X. Ye, T. Okajima, and T. Ohsaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Pt-Lanthanide Alloys for Oxygen Reduction: Relating Active Surface Phase and Catalytic Performance
P. Malacrida, M. Escudero-Escribano, A. Verdaguer-Casdevall (Technical University of Denmark), U. G. Vej-Hansen, J. Rossmeisl (Technical University of Denmark (DTU)), I. E. L. Stephens, and I. Chorkendorff (Technical University of Denmark)
ORR Activity for Pt-Ni Nanoparticles on HOPG Prepared by Arc Plasma Deposition
N. Todoroki, T. Kato, S. Takahashi, and T. Wadayama (Graduate School of Environmental Studies,Tohoku University)
Oxygen Reduction Reaction at Multi-Copper Complexes Investigated by Modified Electrode and In Situ XAFS
I. Yagi (FC-Cubic TRA, Hokkaido University), M. Shibata, K. Kimijima, H. Notsu, K. Ogino, K. Inokuma (FC-Cubic TRA), N. Oyaizu, H. Uehara, S. Takakusagi, and K. Asakura (Hokkaido University)