Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cell Using Small Molecules

Wednesday, 8 October 2014: 15:00
Sunrise, 2nd Floor, Mars 1-4 (Moon Palace Resort)
S. Paek, K. Lim, K. Do, H. Choi, S. Park, H. Jo, H. Lee, J. Shim, and J. Ko (Korea University)
Increasing global warming is recognized as the most critical issues encountered in this century. Therefore research target at solar energy harvesting is currently under extensive investigation. One promising technology would be organic solar cell, which is expected to dominate the low-cost market in the future. In the organic solar cell, numerous polymers have been used as light harvest. Due to the synthetic difficulty, molecular weight distribution, many research groups have expended endeavors to develop small molecules as the alternative sensitizers, which are easy to the synthesis. Recently, impressive photovoltaic performances have been reported on various well designed small molecules, showing promising efficiency in the range of 5~8.5%. Recently, we synthesized a new series of small molecules with thiophene perylene bisimide, benzothiadiazole, anthracene based chromophore and planar star-shaped unit. In this presentation, we want to report various different type of small molecules for efficient organic solar cells.