Defects, Traps, and Reliability

Monday, 6 October 2014: 10:00-13:00
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 18 (Moon Palace Resort)
Valeri V. Afanas'ev and Kenji Shiraishi
Welcoming Remarks
(Invited) Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Dipole Layer Formation at High-k/SiO2 Interfaces
T. Watanabe, R. Kuriyama, M. Hashiguchi, R. Takahashi, K. Shimura (Waseda University), A. Ogura (Meiji University), and S. Satoh (University of Hyogo)
(Invited) Spectroscopy of Deep Gap States in High-k Insulators
V. V. Afanas'ev, W. C. Wang, F. Cerbu, O. Madia, M. Houssa, and A. Stesmans (University of Leuven)
The First Principles Investigation of SiC/SiO2 Interfaces Obtained by Thermal Oxidation
K. Shiraishi (Nagoya University), K. Chokawa (University of Tsukuba), K. Kamiya (Kanagawa Institute of Technology), S. Kato (University of Tsukuba), K. Endo, and M. Araidai (Nagoya University)
Control of 4H-SiC (0001) Thermal Oxidation Process for Reduction of Interface State Density
K. Kita (The University of Tokyo, JST-PRESTO), R. H. Kikuchi, H. Hirai, and Y. Fujino (The University of Tokyo)
Effect of Al Doping on the Reliability of ALD HfO2
M. Bhuyian, D. Misra (New Jersey Institute of Technology), K. Tapily, R. Clark, S. Consiglio, C. Wajda, G. Nakamura, and G. Leusink (TEL Technology Center, America)
High-Temperature Reverse-Bias Stressing of Thin Gate Oxides in Power Transistors
S. A. Suliman, O. O. Awadelkarim (The Pennsylvania State University), J. Hao, and M. Rioux (Fairchild Semiconductor, Inc.)